May 13th 2014 Brno
Observatory and Planetarium

Startup contest, accompanying program and networking. Attend StarCube Show and witness the very first public presentations of startups from 6th run StarCube accelerator. Meet interesting people from startup community, find new investment opportunity or business inspiration.

All seats are booked. Register to waiting list. If we have a free spot, we´ll let you know. Thank you!

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StarCube Show 2014 program

16:00: Registration opening
17:00: Startup elevator pitches
20:15: Announcing of the StarCube Show contest winner
20:40: After party


Brno Observatory and Planetarium

Modernized Brno Observatory and Planetarium is great centre of popularization various sciences, especially astronomy. You can feel the atmosphere of innovation at every step. Therefore the planetarium is perfect place for final demo day of StarCube 2014 startups. The planetarium is easily accessible by tram (tram 4, station Náměstí Míru), by car (parking nearby swimming pool Kraví Hora) or by walking (try nice walk through park).

Kraví hora 2, 616 00 Brno


Our partners and supporters

Also thanks to our supporters - City of Brno and South Moravian Region.


StarCube Teams

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BCIlab develops a portable smartphone device for mental performance enhancement and tracking based on neurofeedback principles. It raises awareness of mental training benefits and help people take charge of their mental performance and well-being by developing portable haptic neurofeedback solutions and providing training.


BPay is a payment processing platform based on Bitcoin technology. It helps online businesses to achieve a higher turnover and higher margin by providing them with a global payment solution based on Bitcoin technology that lowers their costs and allows them to reach previously unreachable target groups.

DIY Flood Warning System

DIY Flood Warning System measures water level to warn people before flood comes. The system can be deployed in very short time to help people save their life and property.


SendDoc comes with workable application for sharing, archiving and issuing invoices. The application decreases the time spent with invoices by 69 % and the cost of processing by 75 %.

Forbis QR

Forbis QR is exceptional loyalty system with which a customer forgets all loyalty cards and limitations of existing loyalty systems. It is merchants´ unique tool for obtaining and communicating with customers.


Perisa is a security system for perimeter protection based on new technology that detects and localizes vibrations by using seismic detectors.

Observe Design

Observe Design develops a wearable device – Handy – that empowers healthcare workers to adhere to prescribed hospital hand hygiene guidelines to prevent spread of Hospital Acquired Infections.

Giriton Systems

Giriton is cloud ERP system to monitor and manage manufacture processes, helps to optimize stocks, order management, workforce utilization and much more, all in real time. Thanks to modern technologies it takes the burden of managing the manufacture businesses away from the management. is lifestyle shopping application that brings real-time offers from nearby shops. It makes retail easier and shopping more comfortable by personalized connection between merchants and customers.



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